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How long does it take to complete an NVQ?
This really depends on you. The NVQ has a set criteria that you must provide evidence to match. If you are working on tasks that meet the criteria then you and your knowledge of the trade is good, then you can complete you OnSite NVQ within 2-3 assessor visits
How many times does an assessor have to visit me?
An assessor will visit you until he has all the evidence required for the NVQ. This is usually around 2-3 times but can be more
How does the EWPA route work?
The EWPA route (Experienced Worker Practical Assessment) is for the experienced trades person only. This person has had more than 5+ years working in the construction industry and is able to complete a practical assessment followed up with an in-depth discussion in their trade. The practical test is designed around an 8 hour exam where the candidate will have to complete complex tasks in an assessment bay with an assessor directly observing them. Is the EWPA route for you? Contact us to find out is the EWPA route is available in your trade
Is speaking English a mandatory requirement?
Yes it is. The NVQ criteria has some complex questioning that a person who isn’t able to converse in English will not be able to answer
I don’t see my trade listed? Can you still help me?
Of course we can. Our assessors are multi-tradesmen and are most likely able to assess in your trade. If you don’t see you trade listed, use the ‘contact us’ page and simply let us know what NVQ you are looking to achieve. We may just be able to help you. Send us an email here and we’ll get right back to you.
Am I entitled to government funding?
There is a set criteria for government funding. If you fall within this criteria then yes you’ll be able to receive funding towards your NVQ. Funding rules are subject to change for the next academic year. Please check back here after August 10th and we’ll have more information
Can I have a translator with me if my English is not so good ?
Unfortunately not. The NVQ requires 100% competence so the person themselves must be able to provide direct answers and not through a translator
I already have an NVQ Level 2. Can I get another one and if so, can it be funded by the government?
No. Once you have a full Level 2 NVQ, you’ll need to pay in full for an additional NVQ’s
I have done my level 2 but now want to progress onto a level 3. Is there any funding for this?
There is a scheme Funding for Level 3 qualifications called the 24+ Loan scheme. Read more here: 24+ Loan FAQ
What types of evidence can I provide to my assessor to meet the criteria for my NVQ?
Assessors use multiple methods for obtaining evidence. Here are some of the methods they can use:

  • Direct Observation
  • Professional Discussion
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • References/Witness Testimonies
  • Prior Qualifications
  • Product Evidence
  • Written Questions

I need to get a gold CSCS card. How do I do that?
This is normally acquired with a Level 3 NVQ. This can be a supervisory NVQ or an advanced trade NVQ. Check CSCS’s website or find out more information here
Do you have anywhere I can go to take my CSCS test?
Yes. We work with a provider that has a test centre. Contact us here for more information 
I have passed my NVQ Level 2, how do I now get my blue CSCS card?
Congratulations, now all you need to do is contact CSCS and follow their instruction. More information here